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Managing Expectations and Disappointments

Managing Expectations and Disappointments

Have you ever noticed that things rarely turn out exactly like we imagine? It doesn't have to be better or worse, it just may be different.


It could be anything—from how your day goes to significant life events—the possibilities are endless.


Whatever it is, the reality in front of you may turn out close to the way you thought, or completely different.


Either way, just because the reality in front of us doesn’t meet our expectations, doesn’t have to be a bad thing.


When we focus on our expectations and how we think things should be, this can lead to disappointment. Especially when we place our expectations on others. We can’t expect other individuals to carry out our hopes and expectations exactly how we wish.


Different and unexpected don’t have to equal inadequate or unsatisfactory. They can mean a new opportunity, insight, or appreciation.


Disappointment happens when the reality in front of us does not meet our expectations. 


Let’s try to set flexible expectations. This way we create space for accepting unpredictable situations, no matter how large or small. 

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These lovely blooms are some of my favorite. They are so unexpected and beautiful. There are also so many variations, it's fun to see each bud blossom.

Reflection Questions

Do find yourself often disappointed by how situations or events unfold?

Do you think you are setting unrealistic expectations for yourself, others, or circumstances in your life?

Describe three things you can do to be more flexible with your expectations