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The Artful Soul Retreat Journal: Includes Access to The Artful Soul Retreat!

The Artful Soul Retreat Journal: Includes Access to The Artful Soul Retreat!

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Sometimes it feels like you can’t get off the hamster wheel of life. I’ve been there, too. The saving grace for me many times in my life has been quiet time in the morning.

The reality is, our world will not slow down unless we do. With purchasing the Artful Soul Retreat Journal, you get complete on-demand access to the Artful Soul Retreat!

What is The Artful Soul Retreat?

The Artful Soul Retreat provides the perfect peaceful pauses in a chaotic life. While a couple of the activities encourage you to go out in nature, all of them can be done from the comfort of your home.

You will learn skills in photography, sketching, and creative writing! No previous skills or knowledge required! All activities are beginner friendly.

The vast majority of the activities in your journal are short and can be done while having your morning coffee or relaxing after work.

There is no set schedule, you can fill out your journal and go through the retreat at your leisure!

Give yourself the gift of learning creative skills to nurture your soul!

The Artful Soul Retreat also comes with access to a beautiful library of peaceful nature videos to have playing in the background while you journal, or you can watch them whenever you like!

By completing The Artful Soul Retreat not only will you gain new skills, but you will learn to appreciate the beautiful details surrounding you in your daily life.

You can learn more about The Artful Soul Retreat by clicking here!

Size: 8.5x11 inches

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